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Battle of Vertieres 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Battle of Vertières, in Haitian Creole Batay Vètyè, was the last major battle of the Second War of Haitian Independence, and the final part of the Haitian Revolution under Jean Jacques Dessalines.

The Battle of Vertières (Northern Haiti) was against the powerful French army of Napoleon Bonaparte.

It was fought between Haitian slave populations and Napoleon's French expeditionary forces on 18 November 1803.

Vertières is situated just south of Cap-Haïtien in the Départment du Nord, Haiti.

By the end of October 1803, Haitian rebels slaves had already taken over all the territory from France.

Following this victory, Haiti's independence was officially proclaimed on 1 January 1804 became the first black republic in the world.

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